Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10-miler: Setting Realistic Goals

It is weird that this weekend is technically my 4th race of 2014.
1) Midnight 5k on New Year’s (30:16)

Maureen and I before the 5k. It was freezing!
2) Disney Marathon (~6:30 with lots of picture stops)

Oh, and some stops for ice for my black eye
3) Back on My Feet 5 miler (52:10)


And now for a Bucket List race! I lived in DC for almost 4 years right after college. Those were by far the best years of my life so far. I made no money, worked 2 jobs, made lots of terrible decisions, and had the best group of friends imaginable. During that time, I tried to like running, but just didn’t. I’d rather take back to back classes at the gym than run 2 miles. So, running the Cherry Blossom race was never on my to-do list while I was there, and I a so excited to be going back.

In addition to running the race, hopefully finally meeting some good blogging/Twitter friends, and doing some shopping, I’m also catching up with some of my best girlfriends from college and my DC days. This includes an amazing quasi-reunion being hosted by a good friend on Saturday night.

With all of this amazingness, I’m excited for a fun weekend, but am also being realistic with my goals. As much as I want to go all out, I don’t want to push myself so hard that I end up doing more harm for my half in 4 weeks. So here they are:


Of course, my mantra will be my guide, and I’ll focus on enjoying the course. Everything else will fall into place!


How do you keep your goals realistic?
What’s your favorite non-time goal for races?
What’s on your calendar this weekend?

6 thoughts on “Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10-miler: Setting Realistic Goals

  1. Have a great weekend/race! I loved Cherry Blossom last year (like year you, it wasn’t on my radar when I was in DC), but I’m so glad I got the chance to run.

  2. This is my first Cherry Blossom and I’m so excited even though I am not a fan of really big races. I will be running with a friend so I’m hoping she will keep me on pace for a solid performance. I don’t have a goal time in mind but would love to do better then I did last weekend at 10 mile race in freezing and pouring down rain. Enjoy your time in DC!

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