Three on Thursday: Welcome Spring

I’ve decided to bring back Three on Thursday again. Mostly because it’s a pretty easy way to get a good post in 😊

Three Things that make me Happy
– PTO time. You can use a PTO day for anything. I decided when I saw my Friday was pretty open, to see if I could keep it that way. I successfully did, and am now taking tomorrow off. I just need a break. Now I get it!
– My weekly flowers. Every night when I come home, they make me smile. Every night.
– These new almond butters. Seriously. They are the best almond butter I’ve ever had.


Three Areas of Focus
– Lowering the snippity level I’ve been having. I’ve been tending to respond to people at work more sharply than I should.
– Continuing to stay consistent and strong with my nutrition.
– See my Staircase Landing post earlier this week, and sim to have less dirty dishes in my sink.

Three Accomplishments
– I’m making some big strides in my speed work. Unite Fitness is clearly having a positive impact on my running!
– I’ve lost more than 6 pounds in the last 2 1/2 weeks by being consistent and focused.
– I’ve made some solid “I don’t need that” decisions this week, after my performance bonus hit my bank account. This is usually when I can talk myself into anything.

What are your happy, area of focus, and accomplishments this week?

12 thoughts on “Three on Thursday: Welcome Spring

  1. My area of focus is going to be on my nutrition test. I have had a lack of focus for school work all together so I am buckling down for the last 5 weeks and focusing on it!

  2. Way to go on all your accomplishments! How exciting for each and every one of them! I’m super jealous of your 6lb loss!! WTG!

    • Thanks! I am trying to decide what “want” things I will allow myself instead of just going nuts. It’s not as tough as I thought it would be!

    • It’s a good combo of focus, being consistent with my nutrition, and mixing running with my cross-training classes which burn 500-800 calories a class. Also, right before I buckled down, I’d totally binged, so some of that is water weight.

  3. I love buying myself flowers. They don’t have to be fancy but they always make me smile. I cannot wait until my hydrangeas start to bloom in my yard. I clip those bad boys as fast as they bloom. :)
    Also re: responding sharply at work…I’ve been guilty of that too. It’s a tough cycle to break when things are stressful or particularly busy. One thing I try to do is follow-up with people if I’m been particularly prickly. It always takes a little dose of humility but it seems to go a long way. Nothing you don’t already know… :)
    ENJOY YOUR DAY OFF!!!!!! I love random 3 day weekends. I live for them.

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